Trio Programme


Estonia 1 July 2017 - 31 December 2017


Bulgaria 1 January 2018 - 30 June 2018


Austria 1 July 2018 - 31 December 2018

Member states holding three successive presidencies of the Council of the European Union, a trio Presidency, work together over an 18-month period, on the basis of a common programme.

The Trio Programme of Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria was officially approved on 20 June 2017 in the General Affairs Council. Estonia holds the presidency in the second half of 2017, then Bulgaria takes over, followed by Austria.

The advantages of the trio Presidency are that it facilitates a smoother transition between rotating presidencies, and promotes shared long-term priorities through a common programme. This fosters a shared understanding behind important themes and decisions.

Working as a trio Presidency also means that the three member states have the opportunity to learn about each other and to work together closely, thus strengthening the EU as a whole. The trio Presidency cooperates to perform the tasks entrusted to it in the Trio Programme.

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