Presidency symbol: balance

The symbol for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is inspired by the philosophy of balance, which is also expressed in the corresponding motto ‘Unity through balance’. The symbol of balance contains many stories, but we want to focus on the two main stories: the story of the Presidency and the story of Estonia. 

The image of balance aptly reflects the role of the presidency, pictured in the centre, finding consensus between different viewpoints. Today, more than anything, the EU needs unity in values, ideas, and actions. To be able to advance the EU together and take full advantage of all possibilities for development, we must strike a balance between the various opinions, interests, and visions amongst the member states.

The story of Estonia is depicted in two values. At the base is a connection with nature, at the top is a story of new technologies and ways of living. The aim of finding balance and synergy between natural and man-made, old and new, is our unfolding story.  

The symbol of the Presidency is also a modern building block, a fragment of the binary code. All technology relies on ones and zeroes, including the modern tools and services around us. This is a reminder to never underestimate the genius of simplicity.