SCAR conference 2017 'Research and innovation policy, state-of-play and the role of the SCAR in the European Bioeconomy'



The conference is organised by the the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs in cooperation with the CASA project that aims to develop the Common Agricultural and wider bioeconomy reSearch Agenda for Europe. The conference brings together policy stakeholders, SCAR representatives and SCAR Strategic Working Group and Collaborative Working Group chairs to jointly build a stronger EU bioeconomy research policy.

The objective is to deliberate the findings of recent policy, foresights, and reviews to increase the impact of SCAR outcomes at national levels. We wish to consolidate approaches for inclusiveness, shared responsibility, and ownership.

Recommendations will be made to increase the participation of member states in SCAR activities, thus promoting a more effective coverage of the wider bioeconomy and the development of more successful national bioeconomies. The focus will lie on the inclusiveness and representativeness of member states and of bioeconomy areas within SCAR, on identification of points for attention for SCAR and for the further implementation of CASA.

The keynotes and group discussions aim to increase knowledge of SCAR objectives, activities and outcomes and identify how SCAR could contribute in its advisory functions. The conference sessions are designed to make the advantages and opportunities for active involvement in SCAR work more visible. The meeting wishes to reach out in particular to those countries where the national authorities are interested in raising their respective countries' profile in SCAR and to foster the uptake of SCAR outcomes nationally.

There will be a livestream of the event. Videos related to the event are available below and on our videos page and photos of events can be accessed on our photos page or on our Flickr account.


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islandi väljak 1, 15049 Tallinn, Estonia



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