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Ministerial eGovernment Conference

Competitiveness Council (COMPET)

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Leading e-governance experts, decision makers, donors, and civil society groups will meet in Tallinn to discuss how to transfer e-governance knowledge and expertise between countries.

e-Government can spur innovation and growth throughout the economy by offering a lead market and platform for private services, while also reducing red tape and bureaucracy. Digital solutions can greatly contribute to improving people's trust in governments and making lives easier and more productive for all Europeans. In our view, breaking down barriers is one of the pillars of the free movement of data, especially cross-border barriers to access and reusing data that lies in the hands of public sector.

Although e-government has been among the more important European policy topics for more than 15 years, progress has been too slow to match the speed and size of the challenge, as well as the actual potential of our governments. Indicators, such as the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) report that there is also significant variation in e-government performance across European countries, not to mention lags in digital implementation at the EU level.

It is for these reasons, that we wish to convene the European ministers responsible for e-government in Tallinn to sign a joint Tallinn e-government declaration (the Tallinn Declaration) to reinvigorate Europe's efforts in this area. We intend to agree upon a road map for the next steps in e-government at both the national and EU levels. The conference will feature high-level discussions about the advantages and influence of e-government, as well as its challenges through the use of best practices and practical examples from public and private sector organisations.

Estonia has been building a digital government and society for 20 years now and has reaped immense benefits from it. Digitalisation has increased efficiency in the economy, the capability of the public sector, growth dividends in the ICT sector, and much more. Our country is often referred to as e-Estonia since many everyday tasks can be carried out digitally, in the public sector and beyond. Additionally, these days, Estonian digital services are attracting users from around the world through our groundbreaking e-residency programme.

There will be a live stream of the event. Videos related to the event are available on our videos page and photos of events can be accessed on our photos page or on our Flickr account.


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