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Manufuture 2017

Competitiveness Council (COMPET)

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Manufuture 2017

Manufuture 2017 focuses on smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 in practice, the factories of the future, robotics, the internet of things and smart products.

Manufuture 2017 serves as a forum for stakeholders from industry, universities, research institutions and government to discuss opportunities for better implementation of the EU Framework Programme for research and innovation as well as respective national initiatives. In the course of the Estonian Presidency, Estonia is paying attention to how to shape the positions of different stakeholders regarding general and sectoral industrial policies in the context of the European Union, taking into account the European Union Industrial Renaissance initiative.

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Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology, Main Building, Ehitajate tee 5, 12611 Tallinn, Estonia



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