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European Consumer and Competition Day


The Estonian Consumer Protection Board and the Estonian Competition Authority are jointly organising the European Consumer and Competition Day in Tallinn on 20 September 2017.

The conference 'Paradigm shift in consumer and competition environments – embracing the new reality' focuses on the sharing economy, digital platforms, new technologies and consumer behaviour. It also offers various discussions about economic freedom, the benefits and challenges of this new paradigm as well as empowering supervisory authorities.

During the last years, we have seen a paradigm shift in consumer and competition environments. Much of it is connected to, what is known as, the third wave of the internet, but also with the rapidly changing economy, business models and new type of consumers the, also known as, zGeneration. This new reality sets challenges for everybody, from entrepreneurs, marketers to supervisory authorities. That is why the European Consumer and Competition Day in Tallinn will address some of the emerging issues, like sharing economy, digital platforms, new technologies, consumer behaviour and economic freedom.

The day is divided in two main parts: joint sessions for consumer and competition issues before lunch and parallel sessions respectively for consumer and competition related matters after lunch. The sessions for consumer related matters will concentrate on the paradigm shift in the consumer environment and future challenges, like new technologies, consumer behaviour, online platforms and the risks and benefits of this rapidly changing consumer environment. The sessions for competition related issues will address the possibilities for reducing the barriers to free competition and the inevitable necessity of empowering competition authorities for more effective enforcement.

The European Consumer and Competition Day in Tallinn is the place to understand the emerging issues in consumer and competition environments, to hear arguments from different counterparts and to learn more about future challenges.


Swissôtel Tallinn

Swissôtel Tallinn, Tornimäe 3, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia




Maarja Uulits

Estonian Competition Authority / Spokesperson

+372 53481535 maarja.uulits@konkurentsiamet.ee

Pille Kalda

Estonian Consumer Protection Board / Spokesperson

+372 5064608 pille.kalda@tarbijakaitseamet.ee

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