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EUPAN 5 Working Level Secretariat Meeting


The EUPAN 5 working level Secretariat meeting is a preparatory meeting for the working level meeting which takes place in October. The meeting takes place in order to introduce the EUPAN presidency team and the objectives and goals of the current Estonian Presidency.

The meeting includes discussion about the upcoming meeting agenda as well as information on the rolling programme. The EUPAN 5 Secretariat meeting is concluded by a presentation on the priorities of the next presidency in order to demonstrate continuity.

The EUPAN 5 Secretariat operates on a rotating basis and is always formed by the current presidency together with the previous one, the two following presidencies, and the European Commission (5 members).


The Joint Building of the Ministries

The Joint Building of the Ministries, Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn, Estonia

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