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Conference on Innovation Procurement



Innovation Procurement is a tool for the public sector to acquire need-based, innovative and effective solutions. During this process, the contracting authority sets up a specific task for the tenderer, based on the nature of the problem, and not limited to the selection of existing products or services.

The two-day conference on innovation procurement is a platform for the exchange of best practices of both the tenderers and the contracting authorities in acquiring innovative, need-based solutions. Additionally, it features discussions on how to direct contracting authorities to use public funds in a smarter way and on the opportunities for encouraging innovation procurement in the member states of the European Union. 

The event hosts procurers, tenderers (entrepreneurs) and policy makers.

The conference is organised in collaboration with the European Commission.


Kosmos IMAX

Kosmos IMAX, Pärnu maantee 45, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia




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