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Informal meeting of ministers for agriculture and fisheries (AGRIFISH)

Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH)


The main discussion topic of the meeting will be 'Empowering our farmers with effective tools to manage risks post-2020'.

The EU farming sector is facing increasing market and production risks, which is a result of increased price volatility on global markets and climate change. This affects farmers’ income and competitiveness, making long-term planning difficult and hampering incentives to invest.

Over the past few years our farming sector has experienced significant market tension. Although we have witnessed positive developments in most sectors, recovery is fragile. While different, exceptional measures taken have been of great help we have seen the shortcomings of current CAP and need to have proactive and effective risk management instruments in place to make our farming sector more resilient to different risks.

 In the Informal AGRIFISH Council we invite agricultural minister to discuss on the following questions: 

  • One of the main messages of the 2003 CAP reform was 'freedom to farm'. Have our farmers recognized their responsibility in managing the risks and has CAP provided them with efficient tools to do that? 
  • Should the amount of the crisis reserve be increased and should this amount be accumulated over the years to have a real impact in addressing market crises? Should this amount be accumulated on the EU or member state level? 
  • Do you consider direct payments as a risk management tool? Do you agree that further harmonisation of support levels is needed for direct payments to work as a real-risk cover? Should a certain part of direct payments be directed to the risk management fund and should it be voluntary or mandatory for farmers?


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