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177th meeting of the Bureau of the European Committee of the Regions



As is tradition, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) bureau meet once in the country holding the Presidency of the Council of EU. In addition to the usual administrative decisions, in Tallinn, a debate takes place by the bureau members on local and regional authorities (on the essential drivers for public sector innovation through digital solutions).

Public sector innovation is driven by both the digital revolution and strong public demand. Public sector innovation cannot remain just a 'label' as it requires new vision and concrete political and financial commitments in the ever changing digital landscape, growing demands for flexibility, and today's serious concerns about the privacy and safety of data. During the 177th meeting of the Bureau of the European Committee of the Regions, CoR members exchange ideas with the representatives of European institutions and leading experts about the role of the European Union in supporting public sector innovation.

The knowledge about, and of, public sector innovation (results, costs and an enabling environment) is too fragmented, and comprehensive outlook projects are rarely addressed directly in government budgets. The shift from the group of 'followers' to 'leaders' in modernising their administration constitutes a major challenge at the national level and sometimes within countries themselves. However, there are many local examples of innovative approaches and digital solutions that should be made more widely known. On many occasions local and regional authorities prove that they are drivers in this shift and act as real game changers, providing more and better services to business and citizens. During the meeting, CoR bureau members also share good practices on using digitalisation for public sector.

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