Partners of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

In order to achieve the best result while hosting our guests, the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU has involved, in the organisation of the Estonian Presidency, cooperation partners who, with their products and services, will bring added value to the Presidency events in Estonia.

We have two partners providing vehicles. BMW (in Estonian) is providing 65 cars for the official transport of high-level guests, and Mercedes Benz (in Estonian) has offered 40 minibuses to be used for the transportation of the delegates.

Self-driving buses have also made their way to the streets of Tallinn with the help of Tallink, Milrem, Guardtime, Microsoft (in Estonian) and DSV.

With the help of RGB we are building a 360˚ video projection dome into the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building. The videos being displayed in the dome, which present Estonia, are produced by Viksel studio.

Kalev is offering confectionary to our guests, and has created products in a special package just for us. Snacks are provided by Tere, drinks are being served to our guests by Dunker (in Estonian).

We would like to thank our partners!