Removing barriers to free flow of data – Council agrees its position

  • Press releases
  • 20/12/2017 17:04


Data screens
Eliminating data localisation measures is expected to drive down the costs of data services, give companies greater flexibility in organising their data management and data analytics, and expand their choice of providers (photo: Annika Haas / EU2017EE)

The EU is developing new rules to allow non-personal data to move freely and easily across country borders.

Member states' ambassadors (Permanent Representatives Committee) today agreed on a mandate for the presidency to launch negotiations with the European Parliament on the proposal, which aims to boost the EU data economy by removing any unjustified restrictions on the geographical location for storing or processing data. At the same time, the new law would ensure that authorities have access to data stored or processed in another member state so that they can carry out their duties.

Read more on the website of the Council of the European Union.