Preparations were made in Paris for the next year’s global OECD summit on educational innovation to be held in Estonia

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  • 14/11/2017 10:46


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The Global Education Industry Summit taking place next September in Tallinn with focus on the use of data in education (photo: Aron Urb / Visit Estonia)

Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry for Education and Research Mart Laidmets attended the meeting of EU member states in the OECD’s Education Committee yesterday to discuss the next global summit on educational innovation (GEIS).

The meeting addressed issues related to the Global Education Industry Summit (GEIS) that brings together ministers for education, innovators and private sector representatives and is hosted by Estonia in 2018. At the summit, various stakeholders - businesses, public authorities and universities - talk about the development of education and related strategies to identify common solutions for improving the quality of education.

The summit, held in Tallinn in September of next year, focuses on the use of data in education: open data and the free movement of data for teaching and learning and education policy design; education analysis; sharing data with industries to enhance innovation; development of the skills necessary for coping in data-based environments, etc.

GEIS is a cooperation platform launched by the OECD that is supported and co-managed by the European Commission for underlining the importance of innovation arising from partnerships between educational institutions and businesses.

Deputy Secretary General Mart Laidmets also introduced the priorities of the Estonian Presidency at the meeting and the European Commission provided an overview of significant activities in the sphere of education and training, including the newly published education monitoring ‘Education and Training 2017’ that  premiered in Estonia. The meeting also addressed the European Commission’s priorities and availability of financing for the member states to facilitate participation in various OECD projects.

The meeting, hosted by Estonia as the holders of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union at the Embassy of Estonia in Paris, was attended by representatives of the European Commission and EU member states in the OECD’s Education Committee.


Riina Soobik

Riina Soobik

Ministry of Education and Research / Spokesperson