Fully electric Audi Aicon and a 3D printed heart showcased today at the Tallinn Digital Summit Expo

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  • 30/09/2017 12:20

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Tallinn Digital Summit Expo
Today, 30 September the Tallinn Digital Summit Expo is open to the public (photo: Annika Haas/EU2017EE)

Today, 30 September an expo showcasing top European technology is open to all visitors from 11.00 to 17.00 next to the Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel). The expo has been brought to Tallinn in connection with the Tallinn Digital Summit.

Among other exhibits, the expo showcases a 3D printed heart, VR camera and the Audi Aicon – the first fully electric car with autonomous driving technologies launched in Frankfurt Germany a couple of weeks ago.

Starship Technologies
Starship Technologies is building a fleet of robots designed to deliver goods locally in 15-45 minutes.
Funded by Horizon 2020, DE-ENIGMA develops robot technology to help autistic children with their learning. 
The CYBERLEGs Plus Plus project tests powered robotic ortho-prostheses for above-knee amputees. 
Graphene Flagship
The Graphene Flagship seeks to move the thinnest and strongest material known to science from labs to European society.
Audi Aicon
Audi Aicon – A fully electric car with autonomous driving technologies for long-range luxury travel. Its progressive design hints at an emotional and fascinating future.