Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser at Baltic Council: Estonia wants to bring Eastern Partners closer to the EU

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  • 10/11/2017 13:07


Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Mikser
At today's Baltic Council meeting, Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser said that Estonia wants to bring the Eastern Partnership countries closer to the European Union through the encouragement and support of reforms (photo: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

At the meeting of the Baltic Council held today, Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser emphasised the need for continuing cooperation in the field of Eastern Partnership and security.

“Estonia’s desire has been to bring the Easter Partnership countries’ societies closer to the EU through encouraging and supportive reforms and to contribute to bettering their citizens’ quality of life and security,“ said Minister Mikser. He noted that Estonia, during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, has organised four meetings with EaP countries on the ministerial level.

Minister Mikser noted that the security situation in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe as a whole required continued attention from all countries. “NATO deterrence must continue to be credible and the development of defensive capability must be dealt with consistently going forward,” said Minister Mikser.

Speaking about cooperation between the Baltic States, Mikser noted the need to develop the regional energy market and transport connections further. “With the high-speed railway connection, Rail Baltic, we have taken a noteworthy step forward,“ he said.

The Baltic Council session takes place once a year in conjunction with the Baltic Assembly’s autumn session. The foreign minister of the presidency country provides an overview on Baltic cooperation in the past year. Estonia holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU this year.


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