Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Mikser to Danish Foreign Affairs Minister: we are ready to cooperate with the Danish to help Ukraine fight corruption

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  • 14/09/2017 12:44


Danish Foreign Affairs Minister
At the meeting of Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Mikser and Danish Foreign Affairs Minister Anders Samuelsen, the Eastern Partnership was one of the topics of discussion (photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Mikser met with Danish Foreign Affairs Minister Anders Samuelsen this morning. Mikser and Samuelsen discussed Estonia and Denmark relations, the Eastern Partnership, the situation in Ukraine, and the contribution of Danish soldiers to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia.

Minister Mikser expressed readiness to work with the Danish in the fight against corruption in Ukraine. "Reducing corruption in the Eastern Partnership countries is our common goal," Mikser said. "We would like participate in the Danish-led project in Ukraine to reduce corruption and ensure that the country stays on a European path," he added.

At the meeting, Mikser pointed out that Estonia considers Denmark’s contribution to the NATO allied forces present in Estonia to be very important. "Estonia-Denmark relations are very good and this is also borne out of the 200 Danish soldiers arriving in Estonia next year to support the presence of the allies here," the Minister stressed. The Danish soldiers will replace the French battle group at the beginning of 2018.

Minister Samuelsen said he was also interested in Estonia’s experience in combating fake news and misinformation. The ministers also discussed the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU and Brexit.

From Estonia, Foreign Minister Samuelsen traveled to Latvia.


Armo Vask

Armo Vask

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Spokesperson