Directors of better regulation meet in Estonia

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  • 26/06/2017 15:30
Directors and Experts of Better Regulation meeting
Directors and Experts of Better Regulation meeting

On 27 June, directors of better regulation of the member states and EU institutions will meet in Tallinn to discuss the policies, success stories and shortcomings in this area. The meeting paves the way for better regulation activities during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

"In Estonia, we are of the opinion that regulation must be produced only if legal intervention is inevitable and no other measures can be applied," says the Minister for Justice Urmas Reinsalu. "We must strive for the same principle in our actions on the EU level during the Estonian Presidency, and step up our efforts even more to ensure that the principles of better regulation are given full consideration in all the working parties of the Council."

The meeting between the directors of better regulation, which has become an enduring tradition, has been held for over 15 years and is hosted by the Council presidency. Estonia, who starts its Presidency on 1 July, has the honour of welcoming them this year. The prime focus of the meeting will be on impact assessment, inclusion and improving the quality of life of companies and citizens through digital solutions. An equally important topic will be the implementation of better regulation in changed conditions, e.g. in light of the regulation of collaborative economy.

Better regulation is an underlying term describing the quality of regulation. According to the principle of better regulation, creating good law requires a substantial discussion where all stakeholders can speak their mind, evidence-based decisions, and analyses of impact assessments. Likewise, it is important to reduce red tape and adopt facilitating solutions, including e-solutions. On the EU level, better regulation is closely related to entrepreneurship and higher competitiveness. The topics are discussed at the meeting from this very perspective.

The meeting held on 27 June will bring together the directors of better regulation of all member states and EU institutions whose task is to develop the main regulation policy orientations, as well as experts from the OECD, the organisation that establishes the international standards for better regulation. Approximately 90 participants are expected to attend the meeting in Tallinn.


Dagne Mihkels

Dagne Mihkels

Ministry of Justice / Spokesperson