Jazzpresent to Europe - B-Est Jazz Fest


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This event is in cooperation with the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Republic of Estonia 100 foreign programme, and Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

The Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar collaboration Jazzpresent to Europe travels to Belgium, the UK, Finland, and Germany, to introduce Estonian jazz to a wider audience.

The project will travel first to Brussels, capital of Belgium, and to B-Est Jazz Fest. Noteworthy artists from Estonia and Belgium will take the stage. In November 2017 Estonian jazz will also be introduced in one of Europe’s most important jazz festivals in London, and in many other festivals such as Tampere Jazz Happening in Finland, XJAZZ in Germany, Elbjazz in Germany and Porijazz in Finland.

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B-Est Jazz Fest

B-Est Jazz Fest, Rue du Belvédère/Belvédèrestraat, 27/5 - 1050 Brussels, Belgium


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