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Eduard Tubin’s ballet The Goblin


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The Goblin, Eduard Tubin’s ballet, premiered at the Estonian National Opera on 18 September 2015.

Choreographer and Stage Director: Marina Kesler
Conductor: Vello Pähn
Costumes Designer: Gerly Tinn
Set Designer: Madis Nurms
Lighting Designer: Karmen Tellisaar (Endla Theatre)
Video Designer: Argo Valdmaa (Endla Theatre)
Graphics: Joanita Janson
The Estonian National Opera Orchestra, female chorus and the Estonian National Ballet

The Goblin was Eduard Tubin’s first work in musical theatre. The work is based on a mythical character from Estonian folklore, the Goblin, whose sole purpose is to serve his greedy master, the Farmer, in obtaining riches.

In Marina Kesler’s version, the story crosses the borders of a nation’s folklore: in a contemporary money-hungry world the Goblin is like a voice in people’s heads, finding excuses why there is never enough money. But money buys no happiness and the reward for gluttony is ruin – becoming weary of human voracity, the Goblin destroys his maker and dies as well. Kesler’s staging raises the questions – what is important in today’s materialistic world? Is there room for love?

The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland is on 6 December 2017, only a few months before the Republic of Estonia celebrates its centenary. The anniversary season of the two neighbouring countries combines events both in the Estonian National Opera and Finnish theatres. The Estonian National Opera will contribute Delibes’s ballet Coppélia, Vinter and Raudmäe’s musical of Pippi Longstocking, Tubin’s ballet The Goblin, Verdi’s opera La Traviata, Puur’s opera The Colours of Clouds, baby concerts, and various captivating educational projects.


Alexander Theatre

Alexander Theatre, Bulevardi 25, 00101 Helsinki, Finland


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