The Bridge: greetings from two republics


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Using photos and video materials, and suggesting intriguing new angles, the Estonian-Finnish joint exhibition The Bridge tells a story of both republics since they gained independence a century ago. What kind of similarities and differences are there between Estonia and Finland? What about Finnish and Estonian national feelings, patriotism and independence in the light of history as well as through the eyes of contemporary artists?

Estonia and Finland, two neighbours across the Gulf of Finland, became independent within a few months – Finland on 6 December 1917 and Estonia on 24 February 1918. The exhibition Sild (The Bridge) celebrates the centenary of Finnish and Estonian independence from the perspective of communication and cultural exchange between the two peoples. There are four themes in the exhibition: The Finnish Bridge, Souvenirs, Own Land – Own Will, and Independence Culture. The most important turning points of Estonian and Finnish history are presented as a timeline. The exhibition consists of photographs, maps, films and TV shows, posters, everyday items and photo and video artworks of four Estonian and four Finnish artists.

The exhibition has been created by the Estonian Institute, the Virka Gallery and the Embassy of Estonia in Helsinki. Exhibition texts are written by Mikko-Olavi Seppälä with Toomas Hiio and Kai Lobjakas consulting as experts. The curator is Veikko Halmetoja and artists chosen to be in the exhibition are Alexei Gordin, Marja Helander, Flo Kasearu, Johanna Ketola, Karel Koplimets, Tatjana Muravskaja, Sepideh Rahaa and Sanni Seppo.


Virka Gallery

Helsinki, Finland

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